Because of our experience with all areas of the kiln, we are able to order parts and supplies for all of your kiln systems.  We evaluate your requests for parts and their correct application for your kiln.  Should there be any upgrades or changes in material for this application we will inform you with our recommendations.


  • Kiln Car moving systems
  • Wheels, bearings, axels and trackage
  • New kiln car assemblies
  • Hydraulic cylinders, valves and controls
  • Pneumatic cylinders, valves and controls
  • Chain drive systems
  • Ball screw pushers
  • Electrical program systems
  • Electrical panels and components
  • Conveyors – powered and not powered
  • Pressure controls and recorders
  • KIL-TEL Systems Inc.


  • Complete new systems IRI & NFPA 86 designed
  • Blowers filters silencers motors
  • Regulators and controls
  • Metering orifices and totalizing meters
  • Adjustable port valves and actuators
  • Burners control valves
  • Burner parts and nozzles
  • Flame supervision parts – all brands
  • Packaged gas train assemblies
  • Combustion test equipment parts & systems
  • KIL-TEL Systems Inc.


  • Complete new pyrometry control panels
  • Zone control set point pyrometer
  • Ramp soak programmable pyrometers
  • Thermocouple profile recorders
  • Over Temperature alarm controllers
  • Alarm run/reset control systems
  • Thermocouples Type ‘J’ – ‘K’ – ‘S’ – ‘R’ and ‘B’
  • Thermocouple extension wire and accessories
  • Time delay power systems
  • KIL-TEL Systems Inc.


  • Thermal Ceramics materials
  • Unifrax materials
  • Harbison-Walker materials
  • Saint-Gobain materials
  • Insulating firebrick
  • Mortars, cements regidizers
  • Fiber lining systems
  • Fiber products, blanket, bulk, paper, felt, caulk, modules, vacuum formed sleeves
  • Insulating and dense castables
  • Refractory firebrick standard shapes
  • Refractory custom molds, burner blocks, burner extensions, roll blocks, drop archs, dampers, hearth plates, hearth piers/spacers, element sleeves, pusher plates, diffusion rings, atmosphere inlets
  • Steel shell custom fabrication