Allied Kiln Service Inc. has many years of experience on all type of kilns, dryers and furnaces enabling us to do all trades and perform all work on site.  We have completed many projects working with the customers’ maintenance personnel or local contractor as needed.  Having our job trailer on site provides us with all necessary tools and equipment for welding/fabrication, combustion, pipe-fitting, electrical race way conduit, wire trough and control/power panels, along with our 14″ diamond blade brick saw for refractory and insulation.  There is no job too big or small for our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Installation – Perform Complete turnkey installations of any kiln new or used.
  • Relocation – Remove, pack and ship a used kiln from its place of purchase to your plant and install it ready for operation and production.
  • Rebuild/Modification – We offer a complete rebuild of your used kilns and up date or add new product requirement modifications.
  • Refractory/fiber – We offer complete re-build of any kiln system that includes insulating firebrick and refractories, and complete fiber insulation systems.  Repair of a partial section is often the most efficient approach.  After the repair is made we are able to match it with the existing sections.
  • Instrumentation – Design and build complete new control panels for the kiln pyrometery control or up date your existing control panel.
  • Combustion – Repair any combustion system or replace with a complete new system.
  • Electrical – Make repairs and troubleshoot pyrometery and automation electrical systems.
  • Profile Balancing – Troubleshoot your firing problems, design a goal profile, and tune and balance the kiln to the desired profile.  Train your production personnel on the kiln operation.